Your fast, friendly hard-money lender.

We make it Easy to Flip

  • Less red tape, less time waiting on approvals, underwriting and funding from traditional lenders
  • Our cash is your cash to make that winning offer
  • Whether you’re jumpstarting your real estate investing journey or you need a better capital partner, we deliver.

We Solve Real Estate Investing
Problems For Flippers

Realtors New to Flipping

a. Unsure where or how to get started?

b. You have a unique opportunity to flip a home, but you don’t have the cash or down payment to pull it off?

c. Wonder how you can even compete with larger investors doing deals with cash?

Experienced Flippers

a. You have the deal flow, but not the budget to scale

b. Tired of the traditional bank hoops to jump through at a snail’s pace

c. You want better rates or your current Lender is tapped out

We’ve Walked a Mile (or several) in your investor shoes

We’re Relatable

a. We understand how it feels to see so many great opportunities go by and not be able to execute them due to limited capital

b. We know what it’s like to be on the sidelines while others start their real estate investment journey sooner and faster than you

c. It’s tiring seeing deals flowing to those with cash and keep getting more and more deals before you can even start

 We’re Not Just a Bank

a. We are agents, investors and flippers ourselves and have witnessed the power of cash and the impact it can make on deals 

b. Our passion is in seeing a partnership transform lives. From the income it can provide the flipper all the way to the new homeowner who eventually moves in. We love making an impact.

c. The proof is in the pudding. Here are some Statistics:

i. On average cash is 3 times more likely to be accepted over financed offers

ii. You can be approved to have the power of cash in less than 24 hours

It’s Easy to Get Started

Our FixNFlip Product

Our core product for real estate flippers
is very simple and powerful.

No down payment requirement

No monthly payments

Origination fee and interest*

Orig. Fee: 4% 4% 4%
Term: 4 months 6 months 9 months
Interest: 8% 10% 12%

*Option to finance the 4pts   |    No early payment penalty   |   Late Fee: 1% of the princial balanced paid monthly   |   $950 Underwriting & Processing Fee | $50 Credit Check |  1st Position Mortgage secured by a Promissory Note.

Our Quick Turn Product

For Wholesalers that require 2 closings within days of each other

No down payment requirement

No monthly payments

Origination fee and interest*

Origantion Fee:  1%
Interest 8% APR
Term: 1-7 days

* $595 processing fee (paid at the first closing) | Covers your application fee, credit check, and loan preparation

So what are you waiting for? Let Cashability help you get started.

We believe in progress over perfection. 20% of action can yield 80% of the results and that’s why we make it easy to get flipping with us.

Stop sitting on the sidelines

How much is it costing you by not having the capital you need?

Stop wasting time

How much time have you wasted partnering with a traditional bank and dealing with their red-tape underwriting?

Get the deal you really want

Did an incredible deal slip away? Let’s not let that happen again

Find a better partner

You need a partner that believes in you and your deal as much as you do

What does Success look like for you?

Whatever your motivation is in real estate, unlock the power of cash with Cashability to make your dreams come true.

  • Win the deal
  • Save time
  • Have significant impact by investing in real estate
  • Get the advantage you deserve and the home you want!